Company Profile

PT EAST WEST SEED INDONESIA is the first integrated seed breeding company in Indonesia that produces, Develops and sells tropical hybrid vegetable seeds under the Brand Name "CAP PANAH MERAH". We started in 1990 and until now, we produce already more than one hundred varieties, which the market asks for. With the motto "Good Friend of Farmers", we always supply our clients with best quality and innovative products. The certificate of ISO 9001:2000 and LSSM give our clients more confidence to our products.

Vision And Mission

Vision : determines to strengthen Its position as the number one vegetable seed company that concerns to the development of Indonesian agriculture.
Mission : To provide innovative products and services that will help increase farmer's income and promote the growth and quality of the vegetable farmer industry.

Company Value

Farmers best friend
Close to farmers to guide and encourage them to be successful farmers. We solve all problems together, by visiting them unconditionally.

Happy employee
Enthusiastic employees who enjoy being part of company, always thrive to develop their capacity and competencies.  There is no burden in working hard, work together from different background, to achieve company goal effectively.

Continuously find a new technology, by listening to the customer’s need. With all ability, every people will try to find the best way to provide high quality seeds for the farmers. 


We are always supporting the development of seed industry in Indonesia. We are improving the quality and quantity of the seeds continuously through innovation and adapted technology. We are always giving the best service to our farmers. We are always thinking of the health of our generation. We are the company with good cooperate governance.

1) Headquarter and Research Station for Lowland was established in Purwakarta West Java and opened by The Ministry of Agriculture, Ir. Wardojo (1990)

2) The 1st OP product was released: Yard Long Bean var. MERDEKA (1991)

3) The 1st Hybrid product was released: Eggplant var. MUSTANG F1 (1992)

4) Medium and high land research station was established in Wanayasa and Lembang (1993-1995)

5) Plant Pathology Research & Tissue Culture Lab was established in Purwakarta West java (1996)

6) Modernized of R&D building in Purwakarta and Expand production in Pandeglang  (2001)

7) Production headquarter, QA-Production Lab and Warehouse was established in Jember East Java (2003)

8) Expanding production area in West Timor (2005)

9) New variant of Product was released: Kit for Kids, a module of planting vegetables
in a pot (2009)

10) 20th Anniversary of PT East West Seed Indonesia (2010)

11) Change Company's Logo (2011)